Detox Foot Pads made in Japan

Wholesale & OEM of Japanese Detox Foot Pads

We are wholesalers of Japanese Detox Foot Pads located in Osaka, Japan. We specialize to Japanese Detox Foot Pads because only Japanese products can come up to the high standard of quality which our customers demand.

Lately a lot of similar products were sold all over the world, and sellers claim their products can detoxify the body when applied to the feet. Most of them are not made in Japan. Detox Foot Pads are originally Japanese products, and nobody can copy the quality of Japanese standard.

If you want very high level of quality, you must try the authentic Japanese Detox Foot Pads.

What we do

foot toxinOur unique detox foot pads provide biological defence against malignant diseases and balance the nature and science of your body. Our detox product proactively detects the signs of deficiency and acts right away to eliminate the illnesses. As a complete system of healing, our product is comprised of purest ingredients with high quality supplements that are built to fight toxic illnesses and support health. Our all-in-one Detox product offers you total body detoxification giving you a unique standard in holistic wellness and enjoyable life experience like never before.

remove uric acid with detox foot padsWe effectively help you to ease gout. Gout is specifically characterized by swelling of joints, most of the time that strikes out as extremely painful condition. The main reason behind Gout is the unnecessary accumulation of uric acid (a natural waste product) in the joints. Gout also has strong connections with alcohol, coffee and many other things. Obviously, you cannot include all of them in your no-go-list. The best way to ease gout is to use our Detox foot pads that are manufactured by using proprietary methods and unique formulas to meet your goals.

swollen with toxinWe lay the foundation for a better life by healing swollen body disorders. For being recognized as the powerhouse of detoxification, our product provides matchless immunity against swollen body diseases including swollen joints, swollen legs, and swollen ankles. As a matter of fact, swelling in small portions and spaces that cover the body tissues and organs can result in great discomfort when sitting, or standing, or even sleeping. There are lots of different causes behind this sickness but our product is ideally suited to ride your body out of the toxins that trigger swelling.

We strive to help you achieve a long term solution to extra body acids. No doubt that our body is designed with the built in detoxification system.

The environmental toxins inside the blood are carried out by the liver. The digestive by-products such as mineral build-up and uric acid are flushed out by the kidneys. The air is filtered through lungs before it gets involved in oxidation process. The fact is, all these systems are insufficient to produce neither 100% detoxification nor long term protection from extra accumulation of body acids. We provide Detox foot pads that help you achieve life-enriching benefits. No unwanted body acids! allowing you to look and feel great.
When we say that our Detox foot pad product has one solution to almost all types of bodily ailments, we really mean it.

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