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how toxins get into your body

Many people consider toxins as an urban myth but they are actually alive and real. The toxin is referred as a type of harmful object or thing that adversely effects on the body. They come from several sources such as from chemicals used to prepare or grow food, water, food, and even they come from the air around you. The built in defence mechanisms of the body tends to eliminate them by using special mechanisms and organs such as liver, kidneys and lungs. The toxins are expelled from the body in shape of feces, urine, and sweat.

They build up from food
They come from water
They develop through air
They pass through the chemicals

Toxins in food

Toxins build up from food due to the use of chemicals as food additives. Nowadays, food is being prepared by adding various chemicals, they are highly processed, and even the food is genetically modified popularly known as GMO foods. The chemical flavouring in foods also produce toxins. A latest research has revealed that most of the Americans think that their diet is actually considered as toxic as they take white sugar and flour (dead empty calorie food) and highly processed food.

food contain some toxins

Toxins in the water

Water also holds many toxins. The drinking water can also contain toxins if it is not boiled or mixed with negligible quantity of ammonia, bleach, or chlorine. Most of the Asians especially third world countries are deprived of fresh mineral water. The chemicals and pollutants in their drinking water can result in several illnesses including depression, anxiety, and even cancer.

Toxins in the air

Toxins come from the air we breathe in due to the unfortunate presence of toxic gases in the air. The toxic gases include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane, to name a few. The vehicles and factory emissions also instil toxic gases in the environment. Many tobacco products like cigarettes can also negatively affects the atmosphere and subsequently to your body.

toxin in the air

Hence you are vulnerable to toxins inside your home, outside in the market, cafes, sidewalks, sporting events, social gatherings, casinos, bars, and almost everywhere.

sapsheet help to suck out toxinsOur Detox foot pads provide the right and natural solution to detoxify your body from all types of toxins. The harmful toxins are removed simply by applying these pads to your feet at night. Don't forget to see the results in the used pads in the morning when you detach them. The change of pads colour reflects that harmful toxins have been expelled out from your body.

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