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Many people consider toxins as an urban myth but they are actually alive and real. The toxin is referred as a type of harmful object or thing that adversely effects on the body. They come from several sources such as from chemicals used to prepare or grow food, water, food, and even they come from the air around you. The built in defense mechanisms of the body tends to eliminate them by using special mechanisms and organs such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs. The toxins are expelled from the body in the shape of feces, urine, and sweat. And Yes, toxins built up in your body could make you extremely tired and low energy to carry on your daily tasks.

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We stand behind our detox foot pads. Our foot pads are made with the most technologically advanced machines and we test each and every piece to ensure high quality standards.

Authentically made in japan

Our Detox Foot Pads

Our detox foot pads are 100% organic, fresh, and natural designed to stand out on the shelves. Each piece of our foot pads is made with really effective natural ingredients.

That’s why our customer’s testimonials show that our foot pads are as good as we claim and these footpads definitely stay true to their name. The footpad assists you in a natural and non-intrusive way and absorbs harmful toxins and waste matter from your body in a soothing manner. We bet you will wonder how you ever lived without these foot pads in the past.

Our Detox Foot Pads (Made in Japan)

Detox foot pads, the latest health obsession for those who believe in master cleansing. Our detox pads hold a high quality assortment of natural ingredients primarily bamboo and wood vinegar and the tourmaline that instigates the internal and external actions of reflexology. The products are based on the principles of reflexology that every portion and system of our body is imaged by a meridian point on the feet which is also known as acupuncture point. 


Our foot pads, when worn during night sleep, stimulate the whole body and encourage a smooth outflow of toxins through the feet.


Our unique detox foot pads provide biological defense against malignant diseases and balance the nature and science of your body.  It proactively detects the signs of deficiency and acts right away to eliminate the illnesses. As a complete system of healing, our product is comprised of the purest ingredients with high quality supplements that are built to fight toxic illnesses and support health. 


Our all-in-one detox product offers you total body detoxification giving you a unique standard in holistic wellness and an enjoyable life experience like never before.


Swollen and painful leg

Sleepless nights


Detox Foot Pad Can Help

Reduce Body Toxins and acids

Natural solution to extract extra body acids and toxins.

Improve Swollen Legs and Ankles

Improve swollen body conditions including swollen joints, swollen legs, and swollen ankles. The main reason behind Gout is the unnecessary accumulation of uric acid (a natural waste product).

Improve Headache and Migraine

A number of different toxic chemicals are released into the air of our homes and offices by paint, treated wood, furnishings, cleaners, building materials, office supplies, etc. These toxic chemicals could be reason to our constant headache and migraine. Thus cleaning body toxin is essential for all of us. 

Promote Better Sleep

The cells in your brain are busy throughout the day, performing a variety of reactions that create mental function. Unfortunately, many of these processes have toxic by-products that could be deadly to cells if not removed.  Thus flushing out toxins will help you have a regulated brain for better sleep. 

Improve allergies

Detox foot pad gradually works inside your body and immune system and flushes out all those toxins that are primarily responsible for stimulating allergic reactions.

Improve fatigue and extreme tiredness

You may be surprised to find that your energy levels are tied into your gastrointestinal tract and that clearing toxins out of your body can help rejuvenate your entire system. 

Detoxing. Makes a new you within you

Detox foot pad has limitless health benefits for the users and the very first is linked with strengthening your immune system so that it begins to work at its optimum levels. They surely give you the most with the least effort required from your end.

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How To Use

Just put it on at night and take it off in the morning, it’s that easy. The energy points on your feet can help balance your whole body. We take advantage of those pressure points with our foot pads and take all of the toxins and extra acids out from your body during night time. 

When you wake up in the morning, you can observe the distorted color of the footpads which reflects that the footpads positively worked through your body all night.



What People Say

If living your life has become hard on you, detox foot pads will make it ultra-simple. When it comes to enjoying a risk-free life without any disease, this product is marvelous!

"I had rhinitis and asthma both. I was living with puffy ankles and it was very hard for me to walk a long time. I was a bit confused when ordering detox foot pads as I was wondering whether they would work as described or not. After receiving these marvels, I started wearing the patches during sleep. It was really a miracle that how these well thought-out products helped soon. Now I can breathe effortlessly, I can enjoy walking hours and I have started enjoying my life rather than just living. I don't know how they work but the fact is, they really do."
"Your foot pads have literally given my father a new lease on life. He had a chronic hay fever and swollen ankles. Initially I thought that it was a gimmick or nuts because my friends told me that turning the pads colour to dark is barely a chemical reaction. As my father tried all other means, he decided to gamble on these detox foot pads. After wearing them for about 2 months came to a result that this product is truly a GREAT FIND. He is now feeling very well and all this is made possible because of these magical foot pads. I give you 10/10 ratings."
"If you are searching for a miracle to cure your diseases such as allergy, swollen disorders, extra acid accumulation in the body, or gout, then look no further than. This Japanese company has the best reputation for honesty and trust in the marketplace. The order processing is quick and they never leave you unattended if you need any type of support. You get full-fledged information about their detox foot pad products. Their products can spot and eliminate your diseases a Mile away.
"I am really captivated by the magical effects of your detox foot pads. Now, this has become my number one product that I certainly believe in. Even using them for just 2 weeks, I felt lighter on my body and happier than ever. Fatigue is gone and I have no extra acids inside my body as well. These foot pads are really great and ultra-easy to wear. Thanks a million."
detoxifying foot pads, foot pads, detoxing pads


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