Detox Foot Pads Japan: Get Rid of Harmful Toxins as You Age

detox foot pads japan and aging

Suppose you come across detox foot patches in a pharmacy, and you buy a pair. You follow the instructions of sticking the foot pads under your feet before going to sleep. The next morning you tear the patches out, and you see it full of toxins sucked out from your feet. Honestly, you will freak out if you don’t know anything about detox foot pads and why they are crucial for your body.


Releasing toxins

Scientists say that your body organs remain the purest right after you are born. But as you age, your body starts collecting toxins. Even if you cleanse your body with self-care products, it continues to accumulate toxins slowly.

Detox patches come in handy to remove these toxins. Your body picks up toxins from various places. From the food you eat to the air you breathe, toxins are everywhere. And the easiest way to get rid of toxins is using detox foot pads Japan. These foot pads follow the same concept as trees soaking water from the soil. The trees are doing themselves a favor by purifying the soil so that it helps them grow properly. Similarly, you will do yourself a favor by using detox patches underneath your feet so that they can soak up your entire body’s toxins.


Detoxifying your body

Toxins are harmful to your body, and while you may not be aware of them right now, they can cause significant damage in the future. From harsh environmental conditions to your lifestyle, almost everything contributes to the buildup of toxins in your body. And detox patches can help alleviate the symptoms that you often experience due to toxin buildup.

But why do you need to use these patches on your feet – why not on your chest or hands? Well, according to Oriental medicine beliefs, your feet are your second heart. It consists of most of your body’s acupoints. These points improve blood circulation to your heart and lymph nodes.

The primary ingredient of detox foot pads Japan is bamboo sap. Bamboo sap contains more than 520 active ingredients that help to eliminate toxins from your body through your feet. Apart from bamboo sap, they also contain Vitamin C and chitosan extracts, and fish mints.


Result of using detox foot pads

Suppose you decide to wear a new pair of foot pads every night for at least 30 days. The first morning you notice that the foot pads are dark brown, indicating the release of the maximum amount of toxins from your body. The color gradually becomes lighter, meaning your body is filtering out toxins successfully.

Does that mean you need to use these foot pads for the rest of your life? That’s up to you. But you should at least try them for a month to notice a significant difference in your toxin buildup levels. You can keep the used foot pads to see the difference in color at the end of 30 days.

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