Is Chinese Detox Pads A Scam

detox foot pad a scam

Most people have seen commercials for detox foot pads that are said to help detoxify your body. There is much information online, showing you similar claims, which to help your body function better by removing toxins from your system. The results are often seen in the foot pads once they are removed. They will typically be a darker color pad after removal. However, there are definitive differences between foot pads that originate from China,  opposed to those that are made in Japan. Here is a brief overview of whether or not detox foot pad is a scam and why those that originate from Japan will likely be your best choice.


When you receive these products in the mail or obtain them from a local store, the directions will tell you to place these detox foot pads on your feet while you are sleeping. The primary objective is to maintain their position on your feet so that toxins can be absorbed from your skin. You will see advertisements that will claim that they can help with numerous ailments including insomnia, diabetes, depression, cellulite development, headaches, and even high blood pressure. This is due to the removal of heavy metals from your bloodstream which can purportedly lead to these problems.



There are several ways to assess the foot pads that are currently being sold on the market. The Chinese pads are very dark or black in color, once you removed the detox pads from your feet. This is a substantial difference between those that are made in Japan which often look much more yellowish due to the different ingredients they used. The high content of bamboo and wood vinegar are two major ingredients that help in the suction of toxins.



Additionally, there are many scam sellers that will print on the outside of the box that the Chinese footpads are made in Japan. This is something that you need to be careful of, especially if you are paying a higher price for those that claim to be of Japanese origin. You will know that you are using something fraudulent based upon the color of the pad once you remove the pads.


If you buy Japanese detox foot pads, this will likely lead to much better results. The detox foot pad is originally an invention in Japan! Although there are no clinical studies that have shown that these do remove heavy metals, there are many people that claim to feel better as a result of using these footpads regularly. If you travel to Japan, you can see that detox foot pads can be found in almost every store.  Detoxification using a detox pad is a regular routine for many Japanese people.

The key is to try ones from Japan that produce much better and authentic results.  By doing your research in advance, you can avoid wasting your money on inferior products.

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